Monday, 14 December 2009

Something not unlike our 'Mutiny' events

I received this invite from the Philosophy Football guys. And in remembrance of our cracking Mutiny event which they thought was 'brilliant' I am only too pleased to advertise this event. See u there :-)

Philosophy Football's party is on Friday 18 December featuring the lo-fi ukulele jazz of Tricity Vogue (see and one of the hits of the Edinburgh Festival Blow Up! The Credit Crunch Musical (see With a German Oompah Band explaining the crisis of capitalism you just know you're in for a night out with a difference. 

The evening opens with an eighties vs noughties poetry slam, 1980s cult leftie alt poet Andy P vs new generation spoken word from Kate Tempest (see Plus photographic review of the year from Jess Hurd (see www.jesshurd.comJess Hurd, dancefloor fillers from Melstars: Music and in conversation John Harris, Helena Kennedy Jon Cruddas, Chuka Umunna and others. 

The party is at  The Offside Bar & Gallery, 271 City Road London EC1. Tickets with or without supper, Your ticket is a £5 voucher off any Philosophy Football shirt bought on the night so the entire evening costs not much more than three pounds!. What a great way to do last-minute Christmas shopping.

The night is co-organised with Compass, the home of all good ideas and campaigns, see 

Do Book early! Their events always sell out ( in the interests of non-sectarianism,no jokes please)  so its unlikely they'll have tickets on the door. Booking from  or call 020 8802 3499

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luna17 said...

Although the politics is less radical than I would like, as a format this looks excellent: varied, creative and inclusive. The radical left could certainly learn a few things from this (though, as you point out, the organisers of Mutiny already have!).

mark P said...

Absolutely Luna. The point is that there are a number of us from differing traditions seeking to challenge the organisational culture of the pre-existing left. We can mix n march, learn from one another without betraying any of our own first principles.

Oh, and have some fun thrown in too. Hope to see lots of you there on Friday night. And being less radical than the "Mutiny' initiative we ALWAYs sell out (no jokes please).

Mark P