Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fascists evicted from Gloucester Arms pub in Camden

From the fb group...

Well done to each and every single person who helped to get them out. 

The racist landlord John Coyne has been evicted from the Kentish Town pub, Gloucester Arms Camden NW5. 

We have emails from Camden Councillors to confirm this. 

There are still illegal tenants who have nothing to with Coyne who are still living in the pub waiting for emergency accomodation from Camden Council and who are refusing to leave which explains why lights are still on and people coming and going etc. 

Some people are still going up and trashing the pub...John Coyne has gone so this is no longer necessary [it was great while he was in there but it should stop as he has gone and the tenants stuck in the pub are innocent]...

Thanks for eveything that was done to're all great. 

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