Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Do you love Love? Could you love a Tory?! Mutiny's 2nd event: Love on Trial, a Revolutionary Valentines.

If music be the food of love.. Love on Trial. 10th February 6pm
Money on Trial in September was a fantastic success with around 100 people coming along and almost all of them emailing or letting us know personally they had a fantastic time. The Sauce blogged about it here: Money on Trial
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Our next event is especially for all you romantics. If music be the food of love...

We already have a brilliant line up so far, with Nina Power, the author of One Dimensional Woman speaking in the first session,

The fab poet Musa from PoeJazzi who has also performed for Stop the War.

The Speed Debating session will kick off the night to get you all mingling and thinking: we want your thoughts on what questions to add to this. Please comment at the Join the Mutiny blog

We are also looking for further artwork, musicians, poets, visual artists, films, speakers and, of course, participants for the evening.

And, finally, like last time we are doing political goody bags. Last time we had LMHR cd's, Stop the War badges, War on Want stickers & matches, flyers for demo's, signup sheets for UAF, an appeal for Gaza and much, much more. If you want your event to submit something to the bag, please email jointhemutiny@gmail.org. We will need to arrange delivery for these items so let us know as soon as possible

Join the team or send us any ideas & suggestions by emailing us at jointhemutiny@gmail.com

More info on how to get more involved coming soon.

Planning meetings are every Tuesday at 6pm in the Birkbeck Bar. Feel free to come along with your ideas and bring people with you.

Please click the above image, print off and put up in any place or make into flyers to hand out at meetings, in class, at work or on the streets…

Read more about the evening at the Join the Mutiny website

Join us on on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/tweetthemutiny

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florence durrant said...

This is great Clare, stay sweet and keep your hat on baby angel! Words of wisdom; 'Success only comes to those who try'; sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes we fail, but other times we triumph. Sometimes we are misjudged, other times we wrongly judge ourselves. But I always prefer to be my own judge, hence I don't give a hoot about what others think of me. This is because all my intentions in life are for the greater good of myself and others. Never a selfish streak in my bones. Never one to lie or deceive others as I believe that what goes round comes round. So, when I get misunderstood or make that odd innocent mistake, who gives a toot? Not me honie, I leave that to the experts - that is their job description - to witch-hunt and condemn the innocent. So what ever you do in life Clare - listen to Clare! You can never go wrong! See you soon baby angel!

Derek Wall said...

are you up for any General Election stuff?

Green Left are helping Salma Yaqoob on 30th Jan, Caroline Lucas, Brighton is not that far, etc.

And Jerry Hicks is running for Unite gen sec this year and needs lots of support on the blog-o-sphere

florence durrant said...

Derek Wall said...
'are you up for any General Election stuff?'

I take that this is just a general question. I would have helped if it was at the neck of my woods as I have political respect for Salma and Caroline.
As for Jerry, I wish him all the best. I recall him and his dynamic speeches. These are the sort of people who have my unconditional support whatever our difference may be. Someone who stands up for himself and others, thus putting his neck on the line for a chop for the greater good.

I must add here that what I love about Clare's blog is that it is one of the few blogs where imagination and enovation blend in to form this dynamic political dialogue that one never gets at any political meeting. "Do you love Love?" That does not sound political and who would have ever thought that loving Love could be phraised in a question form?

So yes Clare, I do love Love, I do love to be loved, I do love my freedom, I do love respect for others and to be respected, I do love my space, peace and quiet, and I love to see people doing and enjoying what they love most. And Clare, you are doing just that. Go girl and good luck. I hope it turns out to be a smashing evening! X

Derek Wall said...

Hi Florence,

I was addressing Claire and people in general, I appreciate that Brighton and Brum are a look way for some people but please spread the word,