Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Boycott fascist pub in Camden week of action 25th-29th Jan 2009 update

The Gloucester Arms on Leighton Road in Kentish Town has been subjected to protests by anti racists following the landlord, John Coyne's decision to let organised racists hold meetings in the pub. There will be a week of email and telephone action on the week of 25th - 29th Jan asking that Camden council remove the pub's licence especially as they play hardore porn in front of kids.
The far right group Jobbik Party, part of a racist group "The Alliance of Nationalist Movements" drafted by the BNPs Nick Griffin, have been holding meetings in the pub. The pub's walls were recently daubed with Close BNP Pub and local people are sick of the loud music being played at full volume all night and hardcore porn dvds being played in front of children in the bar.
During protests held by Camden Anarchists and covered by the Camden New Journal the lanflord John Coyne came out and told them to "go whistle" before allowing the meeting to go ahead. The landlord is believed to have links to racist right wing groups formed in Ulster.

Contact Camden Council and ask that they remove the pub's license.

Write to or phone Camden Council on 0207 974 4444

Camden Town Hall
Judd Street


The Gloucester Arms is at 59 -61 Leighton Road, Kentish Town, Camden NW5 2QH

You can upload a letter from here to post of to the council.

Boycott Fascist pub in Camden week of action 25th-29th Jan 2009 update
- e-mail: camdenantifash@yahoo.co.uk

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