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The Great Climate Swoop - UPDATE 1 - 3 weeks to go!

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Date: 27 September 2009 13:15:28 GMT+01:00
Subject: [climatecamp] The Great Climate Swoop - UPDATE 1 - 3 weeks to go!

Hi ho!

Yesterday, 1,500 people took mass climate action in Denmark to shut down a
coal fired power station. 100 were arrested inside - see  A few weeks ago in Australia a
similar event was organised at Hazelwood power station to great effect -
see In three weeks time, it's our turn!

Earlier this year we decided to separate our mass action from this
summer's Camp for Climate Action in order to focus on movement building...
this was a great success and the Blackheath camp has introduced 100s if
not 1000s more to climate camp and direct action.

Now it's time for us to build on this success and get active once again...
and what better target than Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal fired power station in


Just like the summer camp, this won't happen without us pulling out all
the stops, taking a deep breath and running headlong into the next
challenge.  With just 3 weeks to go, October 17th/18th is our opportunity
to do just that.

Actions speak louder than words.. so... What are you going to do on the
Great Climate Swoop?

In this update:



1. Pre-Swoop Local events
You can find out more about the Swoop and how to get involved at our
outreach events happening in locations across the country between now and
October 17th.  Events are taking place in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham,
London, Southampton, Lancaster, Hebden Bridge and Oxford so far. Full
details here:

If you're organising an event that isn't listed so far, email the details
If you're interested in organising an event of your own and have
questions, get in touch with

2.  Transport
To find out organised ways to get to the Swoop from your area - keep
checking the website and keep your eyes peeled for the next bulletin
(mid-week, next week):
Or use NG11 0EE and the power of the internet to make your own plans!

3. What to Bring
For suggestions of what to bring (and what not to bring), like food,
water, tents, mobiles, etc - check out the webpage:

4.  Publicity is for everyone
It sounds obvious, but the best way to shut down the power station is to
get lots of people to come, and the best way to get lots of people to come
is for all of us to tell everyone we know about it!

For copies of the postcard, email

Feel free to change your facebook profile pic using a Swoop jpeg.  You can
find it on the facebook event page here:

And be sure to invite all your friend to the facebook event too - the more
the merrier!

5. Leeds gathering
Get involved in organising the Swoop at the next Climate Camp national
Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th October
@ The Common Place
23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, LS2 7EQ

6. Questions?
If you've got questions about the Swoop that aren't answered in this
email, get in touch: Or better still get
together with your friends and answer them yourselves!

MORE INFORMATION regarding transport, accommodation and the specifics of
how it's going to work will follow in the next bulletin. But for now, it's
time to step up a gear!

Get set for the Swoop!


General questions / comments / suggestions can be sent to, or for more info check out

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