Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Israel vows lasting Gaza campaign: GAZA UNDER FIRE



UK: SATURDAY 3rd January 2009-- 12.30pm,
FROM: Embankment (marching to Trafalgar Square)
NEAREST TUBE: Embankment or Charing Cross  

VOW TO SPREAD THE WORD: - Forward this message to everyone on your list.Text and call your friends and family to inform them of the demonstration.

Coaches going from your area cal 020 7278 6694 or me for more details

List of international demonstrations against Israeli agression on Gaza

For example:


Tuesday, December 30
12:00 noon
Downtown at the Federal Building


Phoenix, AZ
Tuesday, December 30
4:30 PM
Gather at Thomas Road and Central Light Rail Station
Sponsored by CODEPINK Phoenix and The End The War Coalition


Albion, CA
Monday, December 29
12 noon 
Jct Rte 1 & Albion Ridge Road
Contact: 707-472-6486,

Great article on blog about gaza protests

Haim Brasheeth
This policeman just noticed that a police car was used to advertise peace, by some of the protesters who passed by it. As I passed, and noticed him rearranging it into CAPE! I asked if the police is against peace on principle, a question which almost cost me an arrest…Policeman rearranging PEACE in CAPE! on his car

Policeman rearranging PEACE into CAPE! on his car

Help from fellow bloggers and/or IT savvy people please...

Sign yourself up to Jaiku if you want to kept up-to-date  with political activity for FREE. Or keep checking my blog. I'm off to the Israeli Embassy again now but will send updates via Jaiku which is located towards the bottom of my page. 

We have found a service, that allows users to send images and videos directly to my blog from on-the-road but need a decent phone - any suggestions?

Updates from Egypt protests

Comrade Hossam has been sending updates all morning about what's going on over there.  I am adding them to this article regularly so keep checking if you need to know more.

I think the messages are self-explanatory: basically, Mubarak and his pro-West/neo-con government are using heavy tactics to intimidate and paralyse any opposition. Hossam's blog is down at the mo, Bandwidth exceeded apparently but keep trying.