Monday, 8 February 2010

Sussex Uni in occupation over education cuts

BREAKING NEWS: Minutes ago, students at Sussex uni occupied Bramber house. The occupation came at the end of an angry protest in front of Sussex House, the building where senior management rule over campus. Despite the cold and sleet, about 200 people turned out.

One of the speakers, Tom Hickey of the UCU NEC, said tha...t 21'000 redundancies are planned in HE until 2012.

More info when I receive it. Who will be next...

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Ed Worker said...

At a demo tonight, the students came out of the occupation, to applause from everyone present. They made it clear that this was just the opening salvo and that there's much more to come.

See here for a short clip and pics of the demo at noon:

They also released an excellent statement today, making it clear that the occupation was in support of education workers - UCU are currently balloting for strike: