Saturday, 13 February 2010

Dear Postie, please don't deliver my letters...

Last years actions by the Postal Workers was supported by everyone I know, and not least because it gave us all extra leaway with our increasing bills! People in my block, a co-operative on the South Bank, discussed it every morning when we bump into each other at our mailboxes in the communal area. The feeling was definitely that we all need the posties to fight back.

A few days after the strike was called off I was asking a postie where the nearest mail box is. He looked really glum. I asked him what he thought about the strike being called off and I think he thought I was having a go at him because he just shrugged his shoulders. As soon as I said, well I think it's a bloody disgrace that your union has sold you out and that you should not let the bosses and the unions treat you like this, you should fight back, he grew a big smile on his face. He said thank you very much, it's good to know you support us. I told him the whole of the Oxo Tower does too.

So, I am very please to see this book that has been released by an anon Postie. You can read more at the blog Going Postal. This is what the author says about their book:
It is an exquisite, miniature jewel of a book, the summation of my life as a Royal Mail delivery officer, and a testament to the dedication and integrity of postal workers everywhere.
Hear hear Roy, we do appreciate your hard, often underappreciated, work-what with the tinternet and everything, some people take the snail mail for granted.

Good luck with the fightback. And please stop delivering me my bills. Ta.


Roy Mayall said...

Thanks for your great review Clare. I've linked to it from my page.

Clare Solomon said...

ah cheers, that's great. Are you doing a meeting/book launch thing?

Email me... revolution @ soas . ac . uk

Speak soon...x