Tuesday, 17 November 2009

SOAS women's soc stuff: Film showing, banner making and more!

Comrade Elly (Women's Officer) and the society has done a fab job. Feel free to join in

Hi everyone,
Hope you're all well. This week we agreed to do a week against violence against women in the run-up to Reclaim the Night. As part of it, we're showing a film today in the JCR at 7pm- "The Accused" [1988] with Jodie Foster. It looks at a woman's quest for justice after being gang-raped in a bar. Do try and make it down- the film is very thought provoking, and scarily relevant 20 years on. Perhaps we can have a drink in the bar afterwards as well and plan/discuss/enthuse the rest of the week?
Tomorrow we desperately need some volunteers for making a banner in the JCR all day- at the meeting we decided to make it say "SOAS feet for safer streets!" and to print footprints all over it. The banner material, paint and old shoes will be in the JCR from 10am but we need someone to paint it! If you can do it, please turn up at any time for as long as you can. Thanks!
Thursday sees the debate "Does SOAS need a straight white men's officer?" It should be heated; I'll be arguing 'no', and it would be great if the women's society was out in force!
...and on Saturday we're having a pre-Reclaim the Night party in the JCR from 2pm, with music, food&drink, open mic, showing of the documentary we made on Monday and art exhibition! If you're a budding musician and want to take part in the open mic, please please email Stephanie Chan at redrabbit1987@gmail.com and if you have some art you'd like shown, in digital or physical format, please email Josie Cox at josiecox1@btinternet.com
We'll then be heading to Reclaim the Night at about 6pm, with our beautiful new banner, and smiles!
I've attached the flyer for this week, so do try and print off even a couple and stick them up wherever you get the chance! (you can get the reciepts from the IT support office and claim the printing costs back from Peter Baran).
Thanks a lot,
Elly xx

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