Thursday, 26 November 2009

Die in for troops out of Afghanistan

Lead by Fran and Tameena from Quern Mary's university todays action on
Downing St was an unqualified success. Despite recent happenings in
the student movement our delegation of about 60 made enough noise and
gave us the confidence to see this as a dress rehearsal for a bigger,
badder action very soon.

We did a die in just outside Big Ben then marched round Parliament sq
on to Downing street chanting 'Gordon Brown hear us say, how many kids
did u kill today?'

and simply 'support Joe Glenton'. The soldier who has risked his
freedom to speak out against the war in Afghanistan. More military are
following. Is this our Vietnam?

Well done to all who came. Next time we want to do a 'swoop' so keep
in touch. Watch this space.

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