Tuesday, 27 October 2009

What would YOU ask Chomsky?

If you had 15 minutes to interview noam chomsky what would you ask?

What a question! Here is what me and my friends came up with:

Something about how students shud fight against marketisation?

How do new forms of media-facebook etc, impact upon our political organisation?...

God knows. Never read much Chomsky (read more of his linguistics than his politics, weirdly). How about something about prospects for future of NATO if lose in Afghanistan? Or about prospects of losing in Afghanistan? Or ask how progressives should respond to recession? (Though answer to that will prob be a bit crap.)

it's a tough one. he is a brilliant mind, but almost a wasted brain for the left. because he insists that revealing facts and only facts is enough. He ignores entirely the questions of ideology, belief, and worst of all, the way fiction structures reality. How come a linguist can ingore those questions? That's what i would ask. i'd love to know what he said if something on those lines gets asked.

Does the ruling class have any answers to the current global economic crisis?

What is key Impact of new networking tools on the struggle for change (similar to my q).

What impact does text talk have on our cognitive development?

Also, there's a few more good ones on my facebook status.

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luna17 said...

1. Since you reject Lenin and the Leninist tradition, what kind of political organisation DO you think we need to defeat capitalism?

2. What difference do you think the rise of China will make to US imperialist power around the world?