Sunday, 25 October 2009

Blood red water in Trafalgar Sq fountain at Stop the War rally

Yesterdays demo was great. Soas students began the day by marching
down Oxford St (see video below). We chanted 'da3man helwa al-hurriya
(freedom is always beautiful) and taught passersby how to join in
this Arabic chant! We sang 'we all live in a terrorist regime' and
handed out leaflets as we did so. We got to know the new students and
began planning further activity as we marched. Soas students were
lively and highspirited for the whole day.

A woman in her 60's came up to us and said how much she enjoyed
marching with us but that she had nothing to compare with since this
was her first ever demo. She had come all the way from Cornwall
because she 'felt so angry about this war' and felt powerless on her
own but coming to the demo had renewed her belief in humanity.

One of the most bonkers thing on the demo was the Iranian 'Halal
Leather Jackets' theatre group. They said that only 2% of the Muslims
own a quality Spanish designer leather jacket! Not quite sure what the
subtext was?!! I thought I videoed it but must have only pressed
record after thinking I was filming since I then filmed two minutes of
my feet and me chatting to Viva about how bonkers the leather jacket
thing was!!

Anyway, it pleased me to see that someone had poured red colouring
into the fountains-how much more blood will be shed in Afghanistan
before these governments start listening to the people?

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Solomon's Mindfield said...

For some reason this post was not complete si here's the rest of what I wrote:

This lovely man was starting to struggle by the end but he kept going-what a trooper.

A small delegation of us made an impromptu march down to Downing st to attempt to deliver a petition. A woman called Kay persuaded the police to let her in to do so. We don't know her full name so if anyone does please let us know. Well done Kay.

Assed Baig brought loads of new activists from the Uni where he is now President of the Students Union and they said they had a great time.

As did we all.

Well done to everyone who spent time building this great demo. See u at the next one. Keep up to date with Soas Stopthewar activities at