Sunday, 10 March 2013

Firebox cafe fundraiser Kickstarted!: how you can help

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Physical space is the focus for the left once again

For many, the firebombing of the Freedom Press anarchist bookshop in Whitechapel last month was shocking – not only in its vicious nature, but also in the revelation that London still had such an institution.
But as the Press struggle to get the pamphlets moving once again, the incident offers a more potent message to the new left-wing cafe and cultural space Firebox: just how difficult it is for fringe left spaces to survive, especially in the modern day.
Once London was littered with radical bookshops and community centres, but they are few and far between these days. It looked like a downward spiral to zero – until Counterfire, the political and cultural project that developed after a split from the Socialist Workers’ Party in 2010, acquired a shopfront in King’s Cross and established London’s first radical cafe in decades.
It’s gone from strength to strength, serving lattes and dissent in equal measure. This month, they are offering a 10 per cent discount for Camden council workers. The upcoming programme includes aMay Day comedy fundraiser featuring Stuart Lee and more.
Yet in view of the attacks on the Freedom Press, they are already fundraising for basic security precautions such as shutters and an alarm system. Pledges from £5 upwards can get you a series of Firebox perks, from free entry to events to signed books to walking tours.

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Clare Solomon said...

Can you help Firebox cafe expand and grow? 18 days to go from Mothers Day! Model motion for union branches:
Support progressive cafe and community space Firebox

This branch welcomes the emergence of Firebox, a community-oriented cafe, media and events space in central London. Since its launch in October 2012, Firebox has represented an important forum for progressive politics, a resource for groups and individuals engaged in fighting the cuts, and an important alternative to the corporate chains that dominate Britain's high streets.

This branch notes that since its emergence Firebox has been used by a wide range of trade unions and community organisations including UNITE and PCS, The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, the World Development Movement, the Green Party, Occupy and Stop the War Coalition.

This branch supports the commitment by Firebox to paying its workers a living wage, in contrast to many profit-oriented cafe's and coffee chains .

This branches resolves to support Firebox by purchasing [one of the following] on its behalf (delete as appropriate):

Coffee cup (set) £5
Chair (each) £40
Table (each) £100
A print run of Firebox publicity leaflets £100
Handheld camera (each) £200
A livestreaming broadcaster for conferences and events to be streamed online £325
Professional camera (each) £500
Blackout blinds for windows £100 each / £600 for the full set of 6 required
Burglar alarm system and maintenance agreement £1,000
Security shutters £2,000
Sony HXR-NX70E Full HD camcorder for professional-quality filming for community groups and campaigns to use £2,479 each or £4,959 for the two we need.
Outside canopy £3,000
Audio recording/mixing set for community groups and campaigns to use £4,785