Tuesday, 6 September 2011

War? Not up my tweet.

Very glad to be asked to participate in this fab event. Copied from our friends in Egypt, what an exciting sounding project. Hope to see you there too.

This brand new, exciting Stop The War project is to raise awareness of the Anti-War Assembly on 8 October in Trafalgar Sq and, hopefully, get it 'trending' on twitter. Remember to bring your smart phones.

Hosted by Clare Solomon this fun-packed evening includes poetry and spoken word by Michael Rosen Michael Horowitz and Sanasino Al-Yemen, 140-second special tweet appearances by Laurie Penny, Sanum Ghafoor & Owen Jones, MC's Jimmy Jitzu & Raggo Zulu Rebel, live link-ups with Joe Glenton and others, and much much more.

All acts will be live tweeted and projected on a large Twitter Wall.

**Please can you also publicize the event on your blogs, Facebook walls and, of course, Twitter** And you can also set up your twitter to feed directly to Facebook using Selective Tweets: http://www.facebook.com/selectivetwitter

Suggested donation of £3/£5 to go towards the costs of the Assembly.

If you can't make it you can still participate on the night by simply tweeting at the same time using the hashtag #StWOct8Assembly anytime between 7.30-10pm on 22 September.

Line up so far:

Micheal Rosen
Micheal Horovitz
Owen Jones
Laurie Penny

Sanum Ghafoor
Sanasino Al-Yemen
Jimmy Jitsu
Raggo Zulu Rebel
Black Snow
Nekz Mc
Ed Greens
Alan Morrison
Celia Mitchell
Martin Powell
Clare Saponia...more to come.


The assembly on 8 October has been organised to mark the 10 year anniversary on the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan and the injustice of Palestine, and now of course Libya. The event will be a rallying call against the injustices of the war, from Guantanamo Bay to arms sales around the world, and a chance to show the creative richness of all those campaigning for peace.


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