Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Fees rise to £9k, 100% cut to Arts & H-tell me ur protest details by 1-2pm...

Remember, remember, the 3rd of November. And I'm going to parliament! I've just heard that 20 coaches from Sheffield University are fully booked up for the demo next Wednesday. If this is representative Nov 10th will be the biggest anti-cuts demo yet. The uprising starts here and with the students...send me photos of your protests today so I can tell the government!

Fees to rise to £9k, 100% cut to Arts & Humanities funding and much worse.

This is the beginning of the proverbial nail in the coffin.

We need huge response from students today.

As you may know, I've been invited to Nick Cleggs office today. I need msgs from students and unions by 1-2pm about what your response is.

Hold a flash protest or more at 1pm today, email, twitter, Facebook, leaflet if poss etc to get as many people out on the streets, shout at something, make some visuals, a3 paper makes a simple placard!

Dress up in funeral black. Paint messages on your hands/face/Walls and anything visual.

Send photos/videos to me by 1-2pmand/or by text on both 07850177637 and07535629289 so I can inform media at Parliament. Spread the news.

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victoria said...

thanks for your actions at clegg's meeting today! it was an excellent statement. thanks for supporting students!!!

Riversider said...

You spoke very well on Newsnight, pity Paxman tried to block every word you said.
Keep up the struggle.

hexsquared said...

Clare, there's something that is not being mentioned that relates to "Lord" Browne.

He knows as well as anyone what the future of oil supply is.

There is a huge body of evidence that says shortfalls in oil supply could cause economic contraction in the same time frame as he wants student debt to increase.

Someone should ask him (and Clegg etc.) about this.