Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tony Benn headlines our ReThink Education conference and campaigns launch

You are cordially invited to ULU’s first major event of the year.

As cuts will be hitting us all we need to be thinking about what education is for, how it should be funded, how we prevent cuts and what an ideal education system would look like.

Practical workshops on banner and placard making, video virals and Media communications will give us the tools needed to get our message out there as strong as possible.

But to do all this we need you guys with new ideas. Please bring as many people as you can to prepare yourselves for the year ahead.

TONY BENN is the keynote speaker! And NUS President Aaron Porter will give us an update on the Road to the National Demo.

During the day Vic Langer from the NUS is coordinating a Make Your Own Banner and/or Placard workshop all day long so just bring along some slogans, union logos etc and we’ll provide the rest.

Followed by fab Vintage Party theme: Weimar Republic. Clothes, hair & makeup will be available to dress up in on the night :

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