Saturday, 24 July 2010

Vote for Counterfire in the Total Politics blog poll

Total Politics has opened the ballot boxes for Britain's best blogger and we are asking our readers to vote for... CounterfireThe deadline for the election is July 31 so vote now!

If you don't already know, Counterfire provides news, features and theories from a network of activists who are Marxist, anti-capitalist, anti-war, anti-cuts while campaigning for equality and workers' rights.  As it was launched less than 12 months ago it has not yet featured in the Total Politics directory.

The website launched this year with an opening day readership of 2,000 and has quickly been recognised as the cutting edge publication for the left. The network also runs Counterforum and is up to its knees launching the Can't Pay Won't Pay campaign to defend jobs and the welfare state.

Adrian Cousins, editor of the website, said: "Counterfire fights for the working class to defend jobs and defend the welfare state. A vote for Counterfire is a vote for a publication which supports strikes and pickets against redundancies, which supports the fight against the cuts through Can't Pay, Won't Pay, supports struggles around the world including Gaza, while opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A vote for Counterfire will - if only in a small way - help raise awareness of these struggles." 

Bloggers who are on the editorial board of Counterfire include The Sauce & Luna17 by Alex Snowdon. The site also provides content from Penny Red by Laurie PennyA Very Public Sociologist  from Phil and Brother S and the Third Estate collective

The Total Politics magazine was launched by Britain's most successful blogger and former Conservative parliamentary candidate Iain Dale. The annual vote is now in its fifth year and a high ranking is a huge boost to the profile of any blog.

The rules of the poll state that you must vote for between five and 10 websites and bloggers are not allowed to provide a "slate" or list for their readers to vote for. Too many people voting for the same bloggers in the same order will lead to votes being rejected. We ask all our readers to vote now and canvass everyone they know to vote as well.

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