Thursday, 25 March 2010

Democracy (on Trial) coming sooooon

See the The Mutiny blog for updates

As a post-election analysis and what to do next, May 12 is the date for the next Mutiny.

Love on Trial was another fantastic success with around 135 people coming along and participating the worlds premiere of Speed Debating! We think we may continue this format fpr the next one.

Read about and watch previous events HERE

Join the Google Group for involvement HERE

On Twitter here.

…the Facebook Group HERE

…and make suggestions as a comment anywhere on this blog and we will try to incorporate them

Looking forward to it.

We are looking for artwork, musicians, poets, visual artists, films, speakers and, of course, participants for the evening.

Join the team or send us any ideas & suggestions by emailing us at

More info on how to get involved coming soon.

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