Thursday, 15 November 2012

What's really happening in Gaza + Emergency protest tonight

1b Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ

15 December 2012: Action Alert | | 020 7561 9311 |

What is really happening in Gaza? For the reality of what's going on in Gaza behind the lies that the BBC is allowing Israel to get away with, see this article and video interview with a timeline of events:

If you are in London, join tonight's emegency demonstration at the Israeli embassy, and urge everyone you can to be there.

Gaza Under Attack: Emergency Protest
Thursday 15 November 5.30pm
Israeli Embassy at 2 Palace Green,
London W8 4QB

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Thousands sign no Tony Blair comeback letter

1b Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ

Newsletter #1259. 7 November 2012 | | 020 7561 9311 |

1) Thousands sign no Tony Blair comeback letter
2) Syria: Lindsey German replies to Guardian's Jonathan Freedland
3) Obama's "mandate" for four more years of illegal wars
4) Media and War Conference with John Pilger - tickets going fast
5) Stop the War Anniversary Appeal prize draw

1) Thousands sign no Tony Blair comeback letter

A letter initiated by John Pilger, Tony Benn and others calling on University College London (UCL) to cancel an invitation for Tony Blair to speak at the launch of the university's Institute for Security & Resilience Studies - has been signed by thousands of academics, students and members of the public who are angry at what is seen as an endorsement of Blair's crimes in Iraq. Add your name here:

Stop the War has called a protest at UCL on the 13 November to make it clear to the university management that war criminals are not welcome in our universities. Over 300 people have joined the Facebook event to say they will be there. See Facebook event here:

Protest Tuesday 13 November 11am
War criminals out of our universities
Main Entrance, University College London
Gower Street London WC1E 6BT
For full details see:

Contact UCL Provost to complain at the invitation to Tony Blair
Tel: 020 7679 7234

Information? If you are are student or academic at UCL and have more information about the meeting at which Tony Blair will make his speech, please telephone the Stop the War National Office: 020 7561 9311 or

See also: How Tony Blair and friends help arms dealers get into bed with Britain's universities:

2) Syria: Lindsey German replies to Guardian's Jonathan Freedland

Lindsey German has replied to an article by the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland in which he accused Stop the War of being silent and hypocritical on the issue of Syria. As Lindsey says, Freedland "misrepresents nearly everything to do with our policy" on Syria. And she concludes: "Perhaps he should direct his criticism at those carrying out drone attacks in Pakistan, or bombing children in Afghanistan. It is a bizarre sense of priorities that leads him to attack peace campaigners rather than warmongers." Read Lindsey's full reply, which was published in the Guardian, here:

The Guardian also published a letter by Sami Ramadani and Sabah Jawad supporting Lindsey's article, which you can read here:

3) Obama's 'mandate' for four more years of illegal wars?

From Afghanistan to Iran, from Syria to Yemen, from Pakistan to Somalia - does Barack Obama's re-election mean he gets a "mandate" for four more years of illegal wars and an expanding secret drone program? Read more here:

4) Media and War Conference with John Pilger - tickets going fast

Tickets for the Media and War Conference on Saturday 17 November are going fast and we recommend booking now to avoid disappointment. Entrance is free for students, £5 otherwise. Speakers include John Pilger, Peter Oborne and Seumas Milne, and topics include Media coverage of the 'war on terror', Islamophobia, Terrorism and War, and Humanitarian interventions. Full details of the conference are here:

Media and War: Challenging the Consensus
Saturday 17 November, 12-5pm
Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre
Goldsmiths, University of London
New Cross, London SE14 6NW
Full details:

£5 admission. Free for students with ID
To book: email or phone 020 7561 9311

5) Anniversary appeal - prize draw at the end of November

Stop the War relies on our members and supporters to fund all of our anti-war activities and maintain our small office. One of the best ways to sustain our work is by becoming a Friend of Stop the War, which gives you membership of Stop the War plus additional benefits. For example, if you become a Friend before the end of November you will be entered into a prize draw to win a framed poster of the historic Not in Our Name concert which took place in London's City Hall on 23 February 2003. It is signed by the participants, including Harold Pinter, Adrian Mitchell, Harriet Walter, Michael Rosen and John Hegley. It is now a valuable collectors' piece.

If you would like to make a donation to Stop the War Coalition, or becoming a member or Friend, go to:


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tony Blair at UCL - No comeback for the war criminal

1b Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ | | 020 7561 9311 |

Tony Blair at UCL - no comeback for the war criminal

Tony Blair is back in town on the speaking circuit, this time helping to launch a new department at University College London. In a further attempt to extricate himself from the illegal invasion of Iraq - which resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties - Blair is now billed to speak as an expert on the 'difficult issues facing markets and economies' and perhaps most bizarrely one of the most 'popular politicians in recent times'.

A letter signed by John Pilger, Tony Benn and academics at London universities, including at UCL, has been sent to college management which criticises what is perceived as an endorsement 'of Mr Blair [who] took our country to war against Iraq in flagrant violation of the UN Charter and in doing so committed the international crime of aggression.'

Take action
  • Add your name to the letter to pressure UCL to withdraw Blair's invitation.
  • Join our demonstration on the day of Blair's visit at UCL to make sure his crimes are not forgotten.
  • Help us spread the news of Blair's visit by sharing the Facebook event with your contacts:
We will meet outside the main gates of the UCL campus on Gower Street at 11am on the 13th November.

The situation on the ground may change at short notice. If you would like to be kept up-to-date, please e-mail your mobile telephone number to to join our texting circle. We will send out alerts on the day.

To read more about the event Tony Blair is speaking at and UCL's Institute for Security & Resilience Studies visit