Monday, 31 May 2010

Israelis kill 10 storming Gaza aid flotilla

> 31 May 2010
> Email
> Tel: 020 7801 2768
> Web:
> Twitter:
> Yet another act of Israeli barbarism as its forces storm one of the
> seven ships on the international flotilla taking aid to Gaza, where
> Israel's illegal seige is starving Palestinians of essential
> resources. At least ten activists on board have been killed by
> Israeli forces.
> Please join the emergency demonstration today if you can. Publicise
> it as widely as possible.
> See video of Israeli assault from Turkish televison:
> For updates see:
> William Hague MP, Foreign Secretary, King Charles Street, London,
> SW1A 2AH
> Ask him/her to contact Hague on your behalf
> LETTER TO: Nick Clegg MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Protest Monday, 2pm, against israels attacks on #flotilla

EMERGENCY PROTEST: Demand immediate gov't intervention against Israel
blocking #flotilla to Gaza. 2pm tmrw (Mon) Downing St. Plz RT.

Clare Solomon
ULU President elect

Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any spelling mistakes (or
misunderstandings for that matter!)

Friday, 28 May 2010

Middlesex update: 28/05/10

3rd Middlesex occupation going well. Another lecturer has recinded their job offer. Great coverage on BBC1 this morning. Check BBC iPlayer. Come join the post-hearing, post-UCU mtg rally at 2pm TODAY at Hendon campus. Spread the word.

See and for more

Clare Solomon 
ULU President elect

Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any spelling mistakes (or misunderstandings for that matter!)

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Spam: medical mailing list

Here's some of the healthcare lists we have:

Veterinarians - 78,986 total records with 1,438 emails and 1,050 fax numbers
National Health Service Corp Clinics - 1,300 total records with emails for government run free clinics
Medical Equipment Suppliers - 167,425 total records with 6,940 emails and 5,812 fax numbers
Optometrists - 63,837 records 2,015 emails

Theres many more too, just send me an email here for additional info/samples:

to terminate please send a blank message to

Monday, 24 May 2010

Open Letter: Condemnation of racial prejudice in our judicial system

> Dear All,
> Please consider signing the open letter below the body of this e-
> mail; it seeks to condemn the racist comments of a judge in a recent
> court case. Reply to me if you are happy to do so.
> Some of the signatories so far (in no particular order):
> Wes Streeting - NUS President
> Aaron Porter - NUS President-elect
> Bellavia Ribeiro-Addy - NUS Black Students Officer
> Ian Grigg Spall (National Critical Lawyers Group - Academic Chair)
> Jesse Fajemisin - Goldsmiths SU President
> Lee Jasper - National Black Alliance
> Bindz Patel - Goldsmiths SU President-elect
> James Haywood - NUS National Executive
> Gerry Morrisey - BECTU General Secretary
> Nizam Uddin - ULU President
> Clare Solomon - ULU President-elect
> Mazdak Alizadeh - ULU Vice-President
> Aled Dilwyn Fisher - LSE SU General Secretary
> Emmanuel Akpan-Inwang - LSE Education and Welfare Officer
> Sinead Brenan - Reading SU President
> NB: An editor from the Guardian has said they'd be willing to touch
> on it in their diary column with a brief update on latest
> signatories if I could get a list to them asap.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Jesse Fajemisin
> President
> Goldsmiths Students' Union
> Open Letter: Condemnation of Racial Prejudice in our judicial system
> To:
> Sheridan Greenland OBE - Head of the Office for Judicial Complaints
> Nicholas Green QC - Chairman of the Bar Council
> On Friday 14th May, the Metro reported on two Icelandic women being
> sentenced for conspiracy to rob ( It was
> reported that Recorder Robin Pearse-Wheatley stated the following in
> his
> sentencing:
> "You seem to have a fatal attraction for the very worst elements of
> London
> society. You seem to have fallen in with a group of black men which
> seems
> to have been the beginning of your unfortunate adventures".
> This racist judgement is based on colour, is deeply offensive and
> damaging
> to black people, and perpetuates negative stereotypes that will do
> nothing
> to help fight the discrimination that can still be seen in wider
> society.
> Given the power Mr Pearse-Wheatley's position holds, and the effect of
> judicial decisions on wider society, his comments are dangerously
> irresponsible. In light of the principles of natural justice, they
> raise
> serious questions about his ability to adjudicate cases involving
> black or
> ethnic minorities.
> The Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Evening Standard reported on the
> same case, but omitted the word "black" from any of the recorder's
> statement, which meant their reports didn't include the racism.
> We, the undersigned, condemn Mr Pearse-Wheatley's racist comments
> and hope
> that any complaints will be treated with the seriousness that they
> require. We also condemn the press publications that omitted the
> racism
> from their report, and believe that discrimination should be
> highlighted
> and tackled in order to achieve progressive change.
> NB: The Metro's quotation does not contain an error, I contacted
> them and
> they have stressed on several occasions that they "would not have
> published such a quotation without being satisfied of its veracity".
> The
> Guardian editor also spoke to Central News Agency, who distributed the
> report from court to the various press publications.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Eurozone in Crisis: Reform or Exit?

Research on Money and Finance (RMF) at SOAS and the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities are organising a roundtable event. 
The event will explore themes from the widely read RMF report 'Eurozone in Crisis: Beggar Thyself and Thy Neighbour'. It will also contribute to the debate on the social, political and economic aspects of the Eurozone crisis that was launched by the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities. Since the start of 2010 the Eurozone crisis has become progressively deeper, threatening the existence of the euro as well as the coherence of the European Union. The crisis poses questions of economic malfunctioning and austerity policies imposed on several European countries, but also of democracy and state relations within the European Union. The roundtable will consider these issues from a variety of radical perspectives. 
Participants include
Costas Lapavitsas, SOAS, 'Reform or Exit from the Eurozone?''
George Irvin, SOAS, 'Costs and Benefits of Default'
Costas Douzinas, Birkbeck, 'The Democratic Deficit within the Eurozone'
Stathis Kouvelakis, King's College, 'The Eurozone Crisis as a Crisis of the State''
Alex Callinicos, King's College, 'Political Implications of the Eurozone Crisis'
CHAIR: Larry Elliott, Guardian Newspaper.
Date and Time: June 2nd, 6-8
Venue: Rm B33, Birkbeck College, Mallet St. WC1

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

World Cup Diski Party tickets selling out!

Always a joy-Philosophy and football. 
Always a party-Philosophy Football parties :-)

We're already down to our last few tables. After that it will be seats on the balcony and standing room only seats. This party of celebration and solidarity  is unique, a night to savour what Africa's first World Cup will be like.  A party with South African music, dance, comedy, poetry, art . Plus South African food, beer and wine. 

So don't delay! 

Philosophy Football's  'World Cup Diski Party'  on Friday 4 June is at London's Camden Centre, opposite St Pancras. 

The party (show starts 7pm, food from 6pm, dancefloor through to 2am) is a unique opportunity  to savour what a World Cup in South Africa will be like, and to help create this there's an amazing selection of young South African talent including poetry from South Africa's brightest young poet, comedy from the presenter of South Africa TV's main World Cup show 'Countdown to 2010'  and Soweto DJ General S 'bu who will be recreating his legendary 'Politburo' club sessions which were the talk of the townships as Apartheid crumbled.  Plus Diski Dancers, Steve Bloomfield author of  Africa Unitedwriters Gary Younge and Gillian Slovo on the 'rainbow nation' , Radio 5's Mark Pougatch looks at England's chances.

Presented in association with the TUC, PCS and Thompsons Solicitors, supported by When Saturday Comes, ACTSA, Action for Southern Africa and the British Council.

AND  each ticket is a £5 off voucher on Philosophy Football World Cup shirts bought on the night .

BUT MOST IMPORTANT - DON'T DELAY IN BOOKING. Either online or call 020 8802 3499


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

UAL ballot results: majority (circa 68%)

UAL ballot results: majority (circa 68%) for STRIKE ACTION! WIN! Thx
Joana Pinto for headsup...

More soon.

Clare Solomon
ULU President elect

Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any spelling mistakes (or
misunderstandings for that matter!)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Public meeting: Who’s afraid of philosophy

Following the Middlesex philosophy occupation there is a meeting to, hopefully, discuss how to go forward with the campaign and to highlightthe ridiculous focusing of educational institutions away from the Arts & Humanities and towards te business type subjects. All welcome. 

Who's afraid of philosophy

phallward | 17 May 2010 at 23:21 | Categories: events | URL:

Wednesday, 19 May, 6:30 pm, *at the ICA*. Who's afraid of philosophy? A Goldsmiths/ICA event, chaired by Dr Alberto Toscano (Goldsmiths) with interventions by Prof Alexander Garcia Duttmann (Goldsmiths), Prof Alex Callinicos (King's College), Prof Peter Osborne (Middlesex), Dr Nina Power (Roheampton University) and Ali Alizadeh (PhD Student at MDX Phil) and other guests.

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Public Meeting: Can't Pay, Won't Pay: Solidarity with the Greek Protests

Following the massive popularity of the Can't Pay, Won't Pay: Solidarity with the people of Greece facebook group a meeting has been organised to discuss these issues, issues which will affect us all, especially with the new ConLib coalition.

*Public Meeting*

Caroline Lucas MP will join Tony Benn and others at the Can't Pay Won't Pay - Solidarity with Greek Protests rally.

Join the Facebook group HERE.

Make sure you are there and please publicise widely.


Public Meeting
Can't Pay Won't Pay: Solidarity with the Greek Protests
Stop the Cuts in Britain.

Speakers include Tony Benn, Caroline Lucas MP, Christos Giovanopoulos coalition of the Radical Left SYRIZA • Aris Vasilopoulos SYRIZA, Clare Solomon ULU President elect and more...

Wednesday May 26th, 7pm
Conway Hall,
Red Lion Square WC1R 4RL
Nearest tube Holborn

Speakers include
Tony Benn, Caroline Lucas MP,

The IMF is demanding that Greek wages be cut and public services decimated.

It is unacceptable that ordinary people should be made to suffer for a crisis caused by financial speculation and the relentless drive to profit.

We must not allow the Greek present to become our future. All those who wish to defend jobs and public services should come along and support those in Greece who are defending their jobs, wages and services and prepare to defend our own.

Me, Penny Red and the New Statesman

Further to my facebook profile being disabled, blogger Penny Red has written a great article in the New Statesmen.

Three weeks ago I set up a facebook group entitled Can't Pay, Won't Pay: Solidarity with the people of Greece

The group not only showed support and protested against the so-called austerity measures but also enabled a coming together of activists from around the world. Through it I helped organise international protests with people who had never even been on a protest before let alone organise one!!

My profile was disabled on the night of the Brittish general elections, May 7.

After my account was disappeared the other two admins were disabled a few hours later. A Reactivate Clare Solomon and Andrew Burgin support group was set up by someone who I do not know. In the morning I set up a new account which was also disabled within mins and so was a profile which I use for organising not for profit events and campaigns.

My 'disappearance' concerned my family and friends and was, to say the least, a little disconcerting; it seems like 1984 is the future. We discussed all sorts of theories. However, an Egyptian activist I know goes by the thinking that the more you are visible online the more it is noticable when you disappear. Whether recent events has changed my behaviour is yet to be analysed but I am certainly going to be taking precautionary steps to protect both my content and my safety.

The fact that the security words that I had to enter when I used my activist profile on fb were 'the leninist' (photo on post below) was most probably a coincidence but it did draw my attention to the fact that the Internet allows for a manipulation of reality.

Clearly any service run for profit will be controlled by those who own it. We contribute content to fb for free. Effectively we all work for facebooks for nothing. Facebook then makes money by using our free labour to boost advertising rates.

Certainly by using open source software platforms we have more control and, usually, revenue is not generated by our free labour. I am hoping to soon transfer myself and my friends over to an opensource model, possibly/probably Diaspora.

Creative Campaign a la Lady Gaga

Next Mutiny planning mtg TMRW, Tuesday, 7pm

Democracy on Trial gave us musical comedy, art, speed debating, a giant live painting on the gallery wall and fantastic discussion from all our guests and mutineers.

You voted for our next event to the put the Media on Trial.

Join us on Tuesday from 7pm in the Institute of Education Bar for a planning meeting - bring ideas for artists, performances, questions and topics for the sessions. How the next Mutiny looks is up to you!

Map to the Institute of Education:,0,8824978682544878382&ei=j-3vS-CGKpz00gTXodnlBw&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CBsQnwIwAA

If anyone has any photographs of the event, please email them to us. The videos of the sessions will be up on the site early next week.

love, Mutineers

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Photos from Middlesex occupation

Being & Nothingness. There's plenty of Heidegger floating around too.

More support needed for Middlesex occupation

I have just returned from the msex occupatijn. You need to get there as early as possible. If the police do OR do not turn up we need people there for a victory exit or for escalating the occupation. 

Either way, get there in the morn to give the occupiers confidence. 

Tariq Ali is due to speak there so there will be a good atmosphere either way. 

Please share this info on fb, Twitter etc: the future of our education is in the hands of Msex occupiers. Get there as early as possible to show support. Trent Park campus, Oakwood tube then shuttle bus. Call or text for more details.   

Clare Solomon 
ULU President elect

Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any spelling mistakes (or misunderstandings for that matter!)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Letter to Evening Standard re LibDems backsliding on fees and immigration

Dear ES,


Students across London will be dismayed at the LibDems backing down on their policies on education and immigration.  


Higher education is already bearing the brunt of public spending cutbacks with students and staff fearing for their future.


Philosophy students at  Middlesex University have already taken matters into their own hands occupying a building in protest at planned departmental closures.


LibDems have long been associated with a promise to remove tuition fees. But in an earlier coalition with Labour in Scotland it was only protests from students that forced them to stick to their promise.


Fees hikes and cuts in funding will deprive thousands of students of the opportunity of a decent education.


LibDem's backsliding on their key immigration commitments will have a huge impact on overseas students studying in London; who are an important part of university life and as graduates contribute massively to many of London's economy.


Further restrictions on immigration hurt both them and wider London society.


The LibDems have sold out on both these issues and should expect a backlash. Students across London will join in the protest outside the Houses of Parliament on the day that the planned emergency budget is presented to parliament.


Clare Solomon

ULU President Elect


In solidarity Clare Solomon

Urgent: Middlesex occupation needs ur support NOW

Middlesex occupation needs ur support. Management at high court to
evict. all come NOW. Trent park campus. Oakwood station, picadilly
line, shuttle bus or walk to campus.
Bring people and video cameras etc.
Clare Solomon
ULU President elect
Sent from my iPhone so please excuse any spelling mistakes (or
misunderstandings for that matter!)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cameron at Number 10 - Put Democracy on Trial tomorrow in London

David Cameron becomes Prime Minister despite failing to win the election.

Time to put Democracy on Trial.

People who care about public services, unions, pensions, justice, human rights  and equality will be furious to see the Tories back in power. 

Please tweet, Facebook, email and text all your friends to let them know about tomorrow's event in Bethnal Green, London. 

A revolutionary political event - and a chance for all progressives to discuss how we overthrow this weak Tory Government!

Programme for Democracy on Trial - electronic use only


Friday, 7 May 2010

Cyberspace Lenin: Update on Clare Solomons deletion from facebook

Join the Facebook group HERE.

I set up a new fb profile and this has also been disabled. So has Mutiny's. This is now more than a coincidence or glitch.

I was asked to enter security words to prove I am a human and here is what I was provided with:

Update 2pm: Now Vicky Gartzoni, the person who set up the reinstate clare & andrew fb group, has been deleted...

This is the new profile i set up-it has now also been deleted

Clare Ulu Solomon
Clare Ulu Solomon has:
3 friends
2 groups

Take a look at my photos on Facebook


I set up a Facebook Profile where I can post my pictures, videos and events and I want to add you as a friend so you can see it. First, you need to join Facebook! Once you join, you can also create your own profile.

Clare Ulu

To join Facebook, please follow the link below:

Already have an account? Add this email address to your account here.

URGENT: I have been removed from facebook

Please go to the group 'can't pay, won't pay: solidarity with the
people of greece' and ask why I have been removed.

So has Andrew Burgin.

We need to mount a campaign to facebook to get our accounts reinstated.

Thanks. More soon.

Sent from my iPhone

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Democracy on Trial by Mutiny

From our main blog Join the Mutiny

You’ve possibly voted by now so…time to question whether it was worth it!

Jump to Comments

Tickets available on paypal from Http://

As a post-election analysis and what to do next, May 12 is the date for the next Mutiny.

With a goody bag already worth about 10 times the entrance price of £3/5 you have bags worths of reasons to come along.

Amongst the highlights so far:

  • A special Mutiny TV made video of Tony Benn and Caroline Lucas
  • Poetry from Angry Sam
  • Activist Kate Connelly on ‘Reform or Revolution’
  • QM lecturer Emma Dowling on ‘Alter-globalization’
  • Archeologist and regular on Time Team Neil Faulkner speaking on the history of democracy
  • An interactive technology installation – “is this what democracy looks like?”
  • Live DJ set from Bon Bon Jovi Jovi
  • Live painting
  • a Democracy Wall
  • and much more...

Also, bring a blank Tshirt or other item (bag, hat etc) and our DJ Steaz will tag it with the Mutiny logo (Debra’s brilliant recycling idea rather than buying new clothes)

Read about and watch previous events HERE

Join the Google Group for involvement HERE

On Twitter here.

…the Facebook Group HERE

…and make suggestions as a comment anywhere on this blog and we will try to incorporate them

Looking forward to it.

We are looking for artwork, musicians, poets, visual artists, films, speakers and, of course, participants for the evening.

Join the team or send us any ideas & suggestions by emailing us at

More info on how to get involved coming soon.

SOAS motions on Msex Phil campaign and Censure of Wes Streeting, NUS president

Two motions at SOAS UGM this Friday.

2. Save Middlesex Philosophy

Proposed by: Alexej Ulbricht
Seconded: Shanti Ulfsbjorninn

This union notes:

    2.1    That on April 26th Middlesex University executive decided to close its Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), and in the course cut all philosophy programmes, undergraduate, postgraduate, and MPhil/PhD;

    2.2    That CRMEP is one of the most important centres for the study of modern European philosophy in the English-speaking world, and is well known for its social and political engagement;

    2.3    That philosophy is the highest research-rated subject at Middlesex, with the RAE rating 65% of its research as either ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’;

    2.4    That the MA programme in philosophy is the largest of its kind in the country, with 42 students admitted in 2009;

    2.5    That as such, the department also generates a substantial amount of revenue for the University, currently contributing close to half of its total income to the University's central administration;

    2.6    That despite all this the Dean for Arts and Humanities, Edward Esche, has stated that the reasons for closure where simply financial, and that the department made no ‘measurable’ contribution to the university;

    2.7    That a ‘Save Middlesex Philosophy’ campaign has been formed to oppose the closure;

    2.8    That this news follows a whole string of announced cuts around the country: at UCL, at Kings, at Westminster, and elsewhere;

This Union Believes:

    2.1    That there is nothing to justify the closure of CRMEP;

    2.2    That this is a foreboding sign of the kind of pressures that are going to hit Arts and Humanities subjects, if even a university’s most prestigious department faces the axe;

    2.3    That taking action against these measures is fundamental to defend the quality of Higher Education not only at Middlesex, but nationwide;

    2.4    That allowing a precedent of this kind paves the way for further cuts to be implemented in other institutions;

    2.5    That the SOAS academic tradition has always been at the forefront in Arts and Humanities, and is as such incompatible with cuts of this kind;

This Union Resolves:

    2.1    To formally support the Save Middlesex Philosophy campaign;

    2.2    To support every form of action that students at Middlesex are going to take against the announced measures;

    2.3    To send a letter to Dean Esche, voicing our opposition to these plans;

    2.4    To circulate the petition to save Middlesex philosophy in the next Union email;

2.5 To mandate the Students' Union executive to lobby the School to express its opposition to the damaging measures taken by Middlesex management.

5. Condemn Censure at National NUS Conference

Proposed By: Elly Badcock
Seconded By: Symeon Brown


This Union Notes

5.1  That Durham University Union Society planned, in March 2010, to invite the British National Party to a formal debate.

5.2  That the National Union of Student’s LGBT Officer and Black Student’s Officer wrote a letter to Durham Student Union requesting that they cancel the debate due to both the danger posed by inviting fascists onto campus, especially to black, LGBT, disabled and women students, and the NUS No Platform policy which they are mandated to campaign for within Student Unions. They stated in the letter that if the debate was not cancelled then they would organise a protest alongside Unite Against Fascism

5.3  That Durham Union Society cancelled the debate.

5.4  That Durham Union Society argued that the letter was threatening because of the line “if students are hurt around the event, responsibility will lie with you”.

5.5  That the signatories pointed out that this line was in reference to the statistically proven link between the BNP organising in an area and the rise in hate crime and violence.

5.6  That, subsequently, a campaign was staged at Durham to disaffiliate from the NUS, with a referendum voting narrowly for disaffiliation.

5.7  That at NUS National Conference 2010, a motion of censure was brought against both the Black Student’s Officer and the LGBT Officer, and was passed only against the Black Student’s Officer.

5.8  That Wes Streeting, current NUS President, as well as six other NEC members voted for this censure, and that the censure passed by exactly seven votes.

This Union Believes

5.1  That wherever fascists organise in an area, hate crime and violence rises.

5.2  That fascists threaten the very right of black, LGBT and disabled students to exist and are extremely misogynistic.

5.3  That the BNP are a fascist organisation seeking a veneer of respectability, but that their comments belie their true fascist nature. Speaking about the Holocaust, their leader Nick Griffin stated: “I have reached the conclusion that the‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter [day] witch hysteria.” On the subject of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence, he said: ““Everyone down there knows he was notorious for taxing kids for their dinner money and he was a drug dealer. According to many people within the Metropolitan police, he was killed by another black – not a white racist attack at all.”

5.4  That fascists are not welcome in our Student’s Union.

5.5  That the Black Student’s and LGBT officers were right to request the cancellation of the debate, and to organise a protest.

5.6  That censuring a Liberation Officer for anti-fascist work sends out an extremely dangerous message that will be seized by the BNP as evidence that they are a legitimate party.

5.7  That censuring a black woman and not a white man for the same actions is disturbing at best.

5.8  That the censure of the Black Students’ Officer and attempted censure of the LGBT Officer gives the false impression that the NUS and (therefore NEC) does not support our liberation campaigns and their officers.

5.9  That these false impressions, if not corrected, have the potential to damage the organisation further, up to and including discouraging participation from Black and LGBT students and constituent members like ourselves who represent a high proportion of students from these campaigns.

5.10 That the Liberation Campaigns (Black students, Women, LGBT and Disabled students) are autonomous and should be mandated by and answerable to their members.
5.11 That it is shameful for seven NEC members to vote for this censure.

5.12 That the NUS must take a strong, anti-fascist stance and actively defend the case for No Platform.


This Union Resolves

5.1 That we have no confidence in Wes Streeting and the NEC members who voted for the censure.

5.2 To pass a motion of censure from SOAS Union against Wes Streeting and said NEC members.

5.3 To call on the NEC to release a statement which re-affirms its support for the No Platform policy of the NUS

5.4 To call on the NEC to further include in this statement a re-affirmation of its support for both the Black Students’ Campaign, LGBT Campaign and all liberation campaigns

5.5 To affiliate to and continue our work with Unite Against Fascism

5.6 To implement a No Platform for fascists policy in SOAS Union

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Statement from the student occupation at Middlesex University.

The student occupation at Middlesex University now covers the entire Mansion Building at Trent Park campus. The occupation was extended earlier this evening in light of continued management refusal to meet us and discuss our opposition to their plans to shut down Middlesex’s world-renowned philosophy department.

Our occupation is in protest at this abrupt, unjustified and unacceptable decision. We want it reversed. Students have been occupying the executive boardroom at Trent Park since yesterday morning. Today, management again refused to meet our representatives or enter discussions with the students affected by their decision to close the philosophy programme.

We affirm that the university is a site for education, not for profit. It belongs to the people who study, teach and work here, not to those who view the institution as a mere instrument for making money or for furthering their careers. As such, we see the extension of our occupation as a restoration of the university to what it should be, and a reversal of what it has become.

We invite everyone to come and visit the occupied Mansion Building at Trent Park and show their solidarity – not just with our campaign, but with all other struggles against education cuts. We view our occupation as an integral part of a wider movement of student protest, and we are proud to have representatives of these other campaigns with us.

We want this site to become an open hub of culture, politics, thought and creativity. We will be organising a cultural programme and a philosophy teach-in, details of which will be released shortly. Everyone who supports our vision and struggle is welcome here.

Sunny Surani
Vice President Communication & Activities
Middlesex University

Mobile- 07540569979

Middlesex Occupation discussion

Middlesex occupation spreads to the entire admin building...

Middlesex occupation deepens. the entire administrative building now occupied. the entire administrative building now occupied.Security have left the building. Spread the news. Get reporters here before the police. follow and tag #savemdxphil


In solidarity Clare Solomon

TODAY: Middlesex demo & party

Come along after the UCU demo and Greek Solidarity actions. Free booze and everything!

Thank you so much to everyone who has written to protest the closure of Philosophy at Middlesex. The international support for the campaign has been a tremendous boost; Middlesex students & colleagues are mobilising quickly, and the administration now has a real fight on their hands.


The campaign blog has been moved to ; it includes regular updates, press links and a small sampling of the many hundreds of letters of support we've received. We'll be reorganising and expanding it in the coming days.


Earlier this afternoon (Tues 4 May) around 40 students decided to occupy the Middlesex Trent Park campus, after Dean Ed Esche and Deputy Vice-Chancellor Margaret House cancelled a meeting scheduled for 10:30am. See and the campaign Facebook page ( for more information.


If you can get to London tomorrow, especially if you're planning to take part in one of the various strikes & UCU rallies, PLEASE COME TO SUPPORT THE STUDENT OCCUPATION and to celebrate Philosophy at Middlesex at our annual Philosophy Society party, Weds 5 May from 4:30pm. The party/rally will be taking place in The Drawing Room (M005) in the Mansion Building of the Trent Park campus;directions below,


yours in solidarity,

Sent from my iPhone

Greek solidarity for immediate release

> Can't Pay Won't Pay: Solidarity with Greece
> contact: Clare Solomon 07850 177 637 claresolomon @
> contact: Andrew Burgin 07939 242229
> andrew @
> Greek Embassy, 1A Holland Park London W11 3T
> Wednesday 5 May 2010, 1.00 - 2.00 PM
> On the eve of the British General Election a protest is being held
> in support of Wednesday's General Strike in Greece. We urge
> rejection of the austerity measures being imposed on the people of
> Greece by the International Monetary Fund and the EU. These measures
> will provide a template for dealing with the fallout from economic
> crises elsewhere.
> The IMF are demanding that Greek wages be cut and public services
> and pensions decimated. Kriton Orfanos, a psychologist at a family
> centre in Athens, estimates that he has already lost 10% of his
> salary and fears that his future pension will be slashed from 1,100
> to 650 euros (£953 to £563) a month.
> It is unacceptable that ordinary people should be made to suffer for
> a crisis caused by financial speculation and the relentless drive to
> profit. Since the beginning of the international economic crisis the
> very rich have manoeuvered to make themselves even more wealthy. In
> Britain the collective wealth of the richest 1000 people has grown
> by a third in just one year, an increase of £77 billion.
> We must not allow the Greek present to become our future.
> Many people in Greece are resisting these measures. As Britain goes
> to the polls a general strike will take place in Greece. We ask all
> those who wish to defend jobs and services in this country to send
> messages of support to all those in Greece who are defending their
> jobs, wages and services.
> For further information and how to send messages please contact:
> 07850177637 / 07939242229

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Middlesex students occupy Deans Office...

Middlesex Students Occupy Dean’s Office

undefinedI am going up in the morning so please feel free to contact me if you want to come with me. Try to bring some breakfast for the occupiers, it is always appreciated :-)
Students and lecturers at Middlesex University (Trent Campus), campaigning to stop the closure of the phiolosophy department, were stood up by their Dean this morning – and took matters into their own hands.  Some students are staging a sit-in in the corridor outside the Dean’s office, others have locked themselves inside, demanding that the Dean turn up and face his accusers.  The proposed closure of Middlesex Philosophy has provoked wide outrage and gained a significant profile in the press.

The occupiers need our support: send messages of solidarity to!/group.php?gid=119102561449990&ref=ts

The campaign has also agreed to send a delegation to the UCU strike demo in Central London tomorrow, starting at 1pm in front of the King’s College picket lines, Strand WC2.