Saturday, 26 November 2011

Organisation requires skill & vice versa...

Lenin as a Midfield General?

via Philosophy Football

"For those who desire not simply an aimless skipping from instance to instance, an integral central movement will take us forward towards a great goal." 
- Lenin

The Agrarian Question and 'The Critics of Marx' might not be the most obvious place to find the tactical masterplan to re-organise a midfield drifting into non-activity. An early proponent of route one, Lenin's team kept their eyes on one step forwards, not too many backwards, towards the other lot's six-yard box. 

Leninist football rejects the appeal of a talented but disorderly squad in favour of the centrality of class upfront. Never mind United, Philosophy Football's latest T- shirt features the one, only and original 'Red Army', preparing to conquer all opposition. 

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Counterfire national members and supporters meeting: Confronting the crisis

07730 612105

Saturday December 3rd, 1-5pm,
Marchmont Community Centre
62 Marchmont Street

London WC1N 1AB

Crisis in Europe - threats against Iran - the occupy movement - November 30 strikes and protests,
This is the most challenging and exciting time for the movement in decades.

Counterfire is holding this meeting to assess the situation post N30 and discuss next steps.
The agenda will include:
1) The crisis and the movement
2) Taking Counterfire forward

We need as many members and supporters from all parts of the country to participate to get a real picture of the state of the movement after N30 and to discuss what has worked and what hasn't for Counterfire locally.

Come and join the discussion. If you book transport now you will save money.

Phone Jo on 07730 612 105 or email to register and for more info