Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brilliant video of the WHOLE March 26 march

What an absolutely brilliant video. Paul gets the whole thing including speeches, music and even him chatting away or trying to avoid being removed! Flick through to see all the different banners, colours, actions and so on. Well done Fourmanfilms.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Re-elect Clare Solomon #1 ULU President. ALL* University of London students can vote, ie, you do NOT need a ULU card.

Well, the elections have started with a bang. At 11am Friday morning (so 47 hours after voting opened) over 1,200 votes had been cast. For the whole week last year, there were around 2,000. I feel confident that my manifesto pledge of last year to increase turnout to elections will be not broken.

Clare and Tariq drink radical beer! Thanks to the students of Courtauld Institute for this lovely publicity-it certainly lubricated the campaign trail
We’ve had loads of lovely endorsements so far and people from many different groups are helping out, from FOSIS to the African – Caribbean Societies, from Women’s to Football teams.
I have support from lots of ULU colleges:. Here’s a selection of some of them:
Daisy Jones, President of the Courtauld Institute and the crew there made these fantastic beers –>
Daniel Lemberger Cooper Royal Holloway President-elect and ULU Senator
Active, campaigning and creative unions of the kind that Clare has developed over her short time at ULU are going to be key in fighting against the government’s public spending cuts and their devaluing of education. She has been central to the movement’s upsurge, a committed organiser who has made the University of London Union relevant again! Vote Re-elect Clare Solomon #1 ULU President
Tahmeena Bax Queen Mary
Vote to Re-elect Clare Solomon #1 ULU President for a President that will fight against racism and not stand by as students are intimidated, kettled, beaten by police and liberation campaigns smashed and silenced!
Wanda Canton Queen Mary Women’s Officer.
Clare Solomon has genuinely worked hard to resist the appalling and discriminatory cuts of the coalition. Considering the heightened controversy of the student movement this year, she has stood by us and led a ULU union with integrity and honesty. If don’t want to stand by whilst fees hike, public services are obliterated, and the poorest, least represented communities are isolated further and blocked from education and welfare; VOTE CLARE #1 brap brap!
James Haywood Goldsmiths President-elect and ULU Senator
Go Clare! 100% support! Been absolutely amazing for ULU to have Clare as President, we need another year of it!…For a University of London Union that will campaign like it used to against Apartheid in the 1980s!
ULU Tango Society: Tangology Org
Claire offered ULU students the “gift of tango”, a life changing hobby. We hope to be able to resume activities soon. Thank you Claire!
Clare is at the heart of the struggle. She has made ULU the hub of the students’ movement and will continue to make it the centre of the movement. I wish Clare all the best in her campaign!!!
Clare has been at the front-line of the student movement, representing thousands of students voices, showing the government that students will not back down and take £9k fees!
I personally and professionally know Clare is one of the hardest working women out there! She doesn’t understand the idea of office hours and can be found working at all hours!
Re-elect Clare Solomon for ULU President!
Sky Yarlett
NUS LGBT Committee (Open Place) p.c.
Go Clare! Stunning in her defence of students and her attack on the Tory-led government’s destructive policies. There is only one choice and that’s for Clare Solomon!
Clare is simply one of the most charismatic and inspirational student leaders in Britain at the moment. She has the fire and commitment to further solidify ULU’s reputation as the centre of the anti-cuts movement. Vote Solomon #1 for ULU President.
Here’s my hustings at 4min 26 secs. Then Q & A’s. Hear all the hustings for all the positions, from those that came, in this lengthy video courtesy of the fantastic QMTV. Loved the question ‘What is Liberation and how would you campaign for this?’ at the end of the video…
Thanks for all the support-let’s make this turnout a record year to match the increase in turnover and footfall!
ALL University of London students can vote (you don’t need a ULU card)- and here’s how:
1- Check your uni/college email. You should have been sent a Username and Password from ULU*. The subject of the email is ‘2011 ULU Elections Password’.
2- Log on at and cast your vote.
3- Share with all your friends!

ULU President. *ALL* University of London students can vote, ie, you do NOT need a ULU card.

Click to enlarge and/or print off for your campus. And you could upload or 'Share' on facebook. *ALL* University of London students can vote, ie, you do NOT need a ULU card. Even students overseas on year abroad
*ALL* University of London students can vote, ie, you do NOT need a ULU card.
The University of London Union needs a President who sticks to their manifesto pledges and defends education for all, unlike the Cleggs and Camerons of this world. I promised a campaigning ULU: you got it, with ULU at the heart of the student protests over cuts and fees.
Voting details: ONLINE ONLY 9-16th March. Check your college inbox (and check spam) for your username and password. If you can’t find it email
Join the Facebook group HERE
I’m proud of the role ULU played in helping pull together the biggest student movement for a generation. ULU helped support occupations and demonstrations across the city, becoming a powerful voice for students in London and beyond. That’s a voice we will need over the coming year as education faces exceptionally tough times.
A more relevant, visible ULU means greater student engagement. ULU’s turnover is up, with 11,000 more people through our doors than last year. I’ve organized events and conferences on everything from education to immigration, and widened ULU’s range of cultural activities, along with the NUS Black Students conference.
As promised, I’ve taken steps to improve ULU democracy, establishing the regular London Student Assemblies and ensuring Senate meetings are open to all.
I want to build on this record by pushing ULU harder, improving our services and policies, and ensuring the London Living Wage is implemented here and across university institutions. I will continue to work with and apply pressure on the NUS, working with them where possible and taking a lead where they fail us.
I’m asking for your vote to ensure London students keep their union campaigning.
See my manifesto at and join in the campaigns